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AOÛT 2016

3 Seasons of Adventure
September 2013 – August 2016

From September 2013, La Criée centre for contemporary art is trying out something new, in the form of a cycle spread over three years:
Courir les Rues (Running the Streets - season 2013–2014)
Battre la Campagne (Scouring the Fields - season 2014–2015)
Fendre les Flots (Breaking the Waves - season 2015–2016)

All the titles are borrowed from collections by French poet and writer Raymond Queneau*.

The reference to Queneau is our way of saying that for the next three years La Criée is going to be a place where art is recounted.

Queneau was also a mathematician: like him La Criée will be driven by other disciplines.

Queneau was also a founder of OuLiPo**: like him La Criée will be a source of experimentation and inventiveness.

Adopting a brand new model borrowed from the performing arts, each season La Criée will work with an associate artist. This collaborative approach makes possible a new, long-term way of working, of functioning in intimate contact with the creative process, and of coming up with new partnership ventures and closer links with the public.

The Courir les Rues, Battre la Campagne, Fendre les Flots cycle has its sights set on the three territories – geographical, social, cultural – in which it takes place. It offers three spheres of action and three related imaginary realms: the urban, the rural and the littoral.

Convinced that art is a means of coming to know the world and finding enchantment in it, Courir les Rues, Battre la Campagne, Fendre les Flots is out to break down the barriers between categories and trigger dialogue between art and other disciplines: via exhibitions, events, encounters, production of works, residencies, publishing ventures and – we hope – invention of new forms.

So come along, come in, walk, run: we want to see you, lots of you, all different, curious, challenging and ready to break the pavements, beat the bushes and devour the waves with us!
Because while artists are the spice of life and their works are our pavements, our fertile ground is you!
And because there’s no containing art and poetry, they’re our escape hatch to freedom***.

* Raymond Queneau, Courir les Rues, battre la campagne et fendre les flots © Éditions gallimard
** OuLiPo – Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle [Workshop for Potential Literature] – is an international group of writers and mathematicians founded in 1960 by mathematician François Le Lionnais and writer/poet Raymond Queneau. The Oulipians make deliberate use of constraints, existing or invented, as stimuli for their writings.
*** As neuropsychiatrist/neurobiologist Jean-Didier Vincent puts it.

La criée - bande noir