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Autour de la table

Autour de la table

Autour de la table

Autour de la table

(Around the table)

27 March 2015 > 27 March 2015

LOUMA/ORO/Honolulu/Au bout du plongeoir. © tous droits réservés.

2nd meeting in Rennes

LOUMA/Alain Michard
ORO/Loïc Touzé
Le bout du plongeoir

Meeting - performance

Initiated by Loïc Touzé and Anne Kerzerho in Nantes, and with Alain Michard’s complicity, Around the Table invites the residents of a locality or city who have developed certain physical skills to share their knowledge and methods. Several meetings invite the public to listen to this speakers’ testimonies (from Rennes and Nantes) about their experience of the body and to exchange with them.

After a first meeting in October 2014 at the Domaine de Tizé, another evening is scheduled at La Criée where the public will gather, circulate and discuss around Yves Chaudouët’s La table gronde, under the guidance of «witness-orators».

With the support of Rennes Métropole and the City of Nantes (as part of the Rennes/Nantes cooperation) and by the City of Rennes.

Free admission. Reservation recommended. Informations and reservation with La Criée +33 (0)2 23 62 25 10 / la-criee

La criée - bande noir