La criée - bande noir


As part of its function of supporting contemporary creative ventures, La Criée pursues a significant publishing policy aimed an ensuring increased visibility and circulation for artists’ projects.
The centre is also fully committed to a policy of publication of theoretical and critical works in the Contemporary Art field.
The types of works published or co-published by La Criée are:

Monographs devoted to the oeuvre of a single artist.
Monographs are sometimes published to mark an exhibition at La Criée, but can equally appear after or outside the context of an exhibition as a sign of the art centre’s ongoing support for a given artist’s work.
Monographs can take the form of a retrospective coverage of an artist’s oeuvre, or of a catalogue devoted to a specific exhibition.
The monographs emphasise critical input by calling on historians, philosophers, art critics and other writers, and by including interviews with artists and images of the works.

Group catalogues covering La Criée exhibitions involving several artists.

La criée - bande noir