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Free access to contemporary art

Free access to contemporary art

18 May 2011

Organizer: Les Champs Libres

Date : 18 May 2011 at 6:30pm

Venue :
Conference room Hubert Curien
Les Champs Libres - 10 cours des alliés - 35000 Rennes
Subway station : Charles de Gaulle

- Philippe Hardy, director of Eesab (European Superior School of Art of Brittany)
- Odile Lemée, director of Eesab (European Superior School of Art of Brittany)

Moderator :
- Larys Frogier, director of La Criée, centre for contemporary arts, Rennes

To begin this meeting, a DVD entitled "L’art contemporain en classe à partir de l’œuvre d’Aurélie Nemours" (Teaching contemporary art in schools from the work of Aurélie Nemours) edited by the CRDP of Brittany will be introduced by Serge Bouvier author of the DVD and visual arts teacher.

A bronze giant, a muse resting on an ornamental pond, a forest of 72 identical granite columns...
Enthusiastic, indifferent, aggressive, inquiring, the citizens react to the works of the contemporary artists discovered in their district, in a parking lot or during a walk in a public garden.
Are these works offered towards all, without requiring any threshold to cross? Are the public works of art a means to embellish the city, to establish a heritage for the future, to favor the access to the art?

La criée - bande noir