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Francis Raynaud

Francis Raynaud

Les six faces d'un chapeau

Les six faces d’un chapeau

4 April 2018 > 19 May 2018
Francis Raynaud, 'Les six faces d'un chapeau', La Criée centre d'art contemporain, 2018 - © ADAGP, Paris 2018

Francis Raynaud, ’Les six faces d’un chapeau’, La Criée centre d’art contemporain, 2018 - © Adagp, Paris 2018

4 April, 6 pm, symposium SCULPTER

19 May, 8 pm, European night of museums

15 min

Featured in our previous exhibition, Sculpting (studio strategies), Francis Raynaud’s Objets de prestidigitation (Sleight of Hand had been) "on ice" until then. It is activated by performers and magicians. Magic tricks are at once a kind of bricolage and sculpture and this performance creates an interconnection between art, "bricology" and sleight of hand.

Tanguy Alain, Hilary Galbreaith, Eunice Labor et Guillaume Pellay

free admission

as part of Sculpter (faire à l’atelier) / Sculpting (studio strategies)

La criée - bande noir