Art Centre responsibilities
Art Centre responsibilities
La criée - bande noir

La Criée centre for contemporary art is a City of Rennes cultural facility functioning with the support of:
- the Ministry of Culture and Communications
- the Brittany Regional Cultural Affaires Board
- the Brittany Region
- the Ille-et-Vilaine département

Given its responsibility for :
- supporting creative activity
- programming temporary exhibitions
- undertaking Contemporary Art education

La Criée presents each season an ambitious new project revolving round its four creative activity platforms:

A platform devoted to exhibitions at the Rennes art centre. Each cultural season brings four or five exhibitions, mostly of new work, which provide support for artists working in Brittany and for others from abroad. Ongoing monitoring of the scene is carried out to ensure a diversity of established and emerging artists. The venue also welcomes one or two guest curators each year.

A platform committed to working for Europe, with artists’ residencies, production of works, and exhibitions in European cities on the Atlantic Rim, including Glasgow, Rennes, San Sebastian, Porto and Lisbon. The art centre also contributes to projects by artists, curators and researchers working in African and Latin American cities on the Atlantic. International cooperative projects are a further possibility, depending on opportunities for partnership with relevant Contemporary Art bodies or in the context of cultural seasons organised abroad by CulturesFrance.

A platform allowing for the long-term establishment of art projects in the City of Rennes, the Ille-et-Vilaine département and the Brittany Region: artists’ residencies in Priority Education Area schools; twinnings with some six educational and leisure bodies every season; and Culture at the Hospital, a partnership with a local health establishment for artists’ residencies and/or art workshops.

A platform that puts intellectual stimulation at the heart of things in the art centre. The first module involves organisation of seminars and colloquia bearing directly on exhibition methodology and international Contemporary Art issues. A second module emphasises the fundamental importance of the exchanges taking place between the art centre, art schools and universities: two-person lectures, contributions to publications, creation of a curatorial project with the students from the Rennes School of Art. A third module – the Art and Social Bonding Research Hub – brings together artists, researchers, local government agents and social welfare actors to examine the relevance and limitations of art projects that address social issues

La criée - bande noir