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COURIR LES RUES (Running the Streets)


AOÛT 2014

First season

The city is the playground for Courir les Rues (Running the Streets).
Here play means imagining, experimenting, creating, transmitting.
The city of Courir les Rues is a space you roam, you traverse, a space for hanging out, accelerating, picking stuff up.
It’s a place of encounters, but of conflicts too.
The city of Courir les Rues is a muse.
The city of Courir les Rues is a mirror of our modern lives.

Jan Kopp is the associate artist of the Art Centre’s 2013-2014 season: Courir les Rues (Runing th Streets)

For a year the city will be taking up residence at a La Criée transformed into a public space. With four exhibitions planned: solo shows by Jan Kopp, Ziad Antar and Amalia Pica, and the group show Les Horizons.
All sorts of events – the Green Flashes – will back up the exhibitions: concerts, encounters, performances, surprise visits, etc.
And in return La Criée will spend a year exploring the city: via creative projects in Rennes’ neighbourhoods with artists Lucas Grandin and François Feutrie, and all kinds of activities in the public arena.

Jan Kopp will be the associate artist for Courir les Rues, offering an all-new exhibition and a project involving local students and residents, as well as fuelling the programme with his interests, ideas and explorations.

Looking further abroad – to Cluj and Belgrade – in the context of the A.C.T. Democ[k]racy project, La Criée will examine the issue of the city as a locus for the expression or repression of democracy.

And to help the public keep tabs on things, throughout the season La Criée will publish Les Cailloux at irregular intervals: a closer look at the work being done in and outside the city, in the form of articles by critics and researchers, contributions by artists, interviews and more.

That’s how Courir les Rues will draw up a new urban geography.
In which it will be revealed that
from vast slabs of concrete to unpaved alleys
and from sunset boulevard to the paths of desire,
the streets are proliferating.

* Raymond Queneau, Courir les Rues, Battre la Campagne, Fendre les Flots © Éditions gallimard

La criée - bande noir


Interview RCF Alpha / Jan Kopp et Sophie Kaplan
Interview RCF Alpha / Jan Kopp et Sophie Kaplan