La criée - bande noir


La Criée supports Contemporary Art by partially or completely financing production of new works: paintings, photographs, videos, sculptures, installations, performances, choreographic works, design and graphic design.

In most cases the works produced by La Criée are part of exhibitions at the art centre.
Sometimes, however, works are produced without exhibition in mind. These instances are referred to as "assistance with production".

All works produced by the art centre are covered by a "work production contract" between La Criée and the artist and, when necessary, with the private gallery which represents the artist.

Works produced by the centre remain the sole property of the artist.

When a work produced by La Criée is acquired by a public or private collection, the artist and the gallery undertake to inform the centre and reimburse the cost of production.

According to the nature of the project, La Criée sometimes works in conjunction with other partners on the production of a work


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La criée - bande noir