La criée - bande noir


Looking to the Future is a platform devoted to the intellectual stimuli permeating the art centre’s activities. Three research modules are proposed:

1-Seminars and colloquia Each year La Criée organises a colloquium or a seminar directly linked to exhibition methodology.

2-An art and social bonding research hub Bringing together artists, heads of Contemporary Art institutions, professionals from the social welfare sector and local government representatives, the art and social bonding research hub organises study days for examination of the relevance and limitations of art projects that come to grips with social issues.

3-Partnerships with the Rennes School of Art and Rennes 2 University Organisation of lectures in tertiary education institutions by La Criée guest artists; contributions to tertiary education publications; designing of curatorial projects with teachers and students from the Rennes School of Art.

La criée - bande noir