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Le Joli collectif

Le Joli collectif

Tentative théâtrale pour un ou deux comédien(s)

Tentative théâtrale pour un ou deux comédien(s)

(Theatrical Endeavour for One or Two Actors)

12 May 2015 > 12 May 2015

"Best of Speakers Corner - London, 1986". Capture video. © Syd Pearman.

Le joli collectif / stagecraft by Vincent Collet
Tuesday 12 May 2015, 8:30pm
At La Criée

From liberation to rabble-rousing, the sheer power of speeches delivered to crowds makes us stop and think. All sweat and vociferation, the speaker physically embodies the word made action, either reactive or carefully calculated.
Yves Chaudouët’s table in the heart of the city confronts us again with the role of the political speech: the ultimate whipping up of a sheeplike public in search of leadership, or the necessary lever for change and the shaping of a common future?

Since its founding in 2003 the Joli Collectif has been devoting its efforts to contemporary writing for the theatre. The common factors in their productions are an abrupt challenging of existence and desire and a focus on a sample of humanity that is sometimes cruel, sometimes funny, but always uncompromisingly human.

Since 2010 the Joli Collectif has been managing the Théâtre de Poche in Hédé.

Free admission. Reservation recommended.
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La criée - bande noir