Green Flash


Pierre Galopin
Lise Lerichomme

Apocryphe, it is the part of history, written, unrecognized and whose authenticity is not established. There would be several narratives, one, official, calibrated, and another, stronger or weaker, telling the intimacy of the artistic process.

What place does the word of the emerging artist take in a context where the recognition comes from a tier or peers?

Apocryphe is a free, collective and independent fanzine, a space for the sincere look of the artist on his own work through a critical text guided by a great will to tell. Apocryphe is produced collectively and distributed to the greatest number of people. It was initiated by Pierre Galopin and Johanna Rocard, and was carried by the Collective and with the support of La Criée centre for contemporary art.



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